Celebrate the Creator Community at VidCon 2022 with Wondershare Through Content Creation and Creativity


Wondershare, the global creative software company, empowered over 5,700 visitors to monetize their passion with its creative tools and recruitment programs at VidCon from June 22 to 25.

VANCOUVER, BC, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As VidCon celebrated the last day of the convention with a total attendance of 50,000 visitors on June 25 in Anaheim, California, wondershare, a sponsor of the Global Digital Creators Day, proudly announced that more than 5,700 attendees visited their booths in total this year where 7 creative tools were showcased including flagship video editor Filmora, mobile video editors, FilmoraGo and Videap; the video library, Filmstock; the screen presenter, DemoCreator; the all-in-one video toolkit, Media.io and the animation video maker, Anireel. These tools ensure that every creator’s needs can be met despite varying skill levels.

Wondershare successfully attracted more than 2,500 visitors to the community track with the fun WonderWorld with AR experience, 360 video booth and more, while 21 people won grand prizes such as AirPods and GoPro Hero 10. Located on the Creator track, Wonder Lounge has attracted and helped enhance videos from over 600 passionate creators, while digital stars such as YouTuber Anthpo and TikToker Devantechill have shared their ideas and tips for enhancing creativity using the creative tools of Wondershare.

While first-time creators have joined the Creator Recruitment Program as a starting point for their creative journey, the software company has also built Wondershare Creators Club, the world’s first community of creators in The Sandbox for those who want to advance their careers. “There are always limits to the physical world. Only in the metaverse can we explore endless possibilities and creativity,” said Tobee Wu, CEO and Founder of Wondershare Technology. “As a global leader in creative software development, we want to leverage the metaverse, where creators can virtually socialize and enhance their content creation with our cutting-edge innovations.” Being one of the tallest and biggest landmarks in The Sandbox, Wondeshare Creator Club allows creators such as designers, music makers and influencers to showcase their works which can be purchased by earning credits and playing at games.

The great success of VidCon 2022 only indicated the speed and scale of growth in the creator economy. Continue to monetize your passion with Wondershare’s revolutionary software and join their Creator Recruitment Program for more opportunities and insights.

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