Automation: The Key to Creating and Delivering Affordable Content for Brokers


Financial information is a crucial requirement for regulated brokers. However, creating and distributing unique content is extremely resource-intensive, leaving many brokers unsure of the ROI value. But what if brokers could access unique, actionable content at a fraction of the cost?

How Automation Helps Online Brokers Reduce Content Spend

Brokers face several challenges when producing unique content for their traders. Although reports are generated on a regular and predictable basis, employees spend a significant portion of their time gathering data, deriving insights from it, and subsequently creating some form of written or visual output for clients and listeners. This assumes that you can afford a team of analysts and translators dedicated to this task.

But does producing unique and engaging content in different languages ​​have to be so difficult?

What are the pain points of content creation?

  • Facing the talent war

To achieve global market coverage, brokers must employ a team of analysts across a variety of markets and asset types. It is extremely expensive to hire such a team and takes a lot of effort to manage. In the United States, financial analysts had a median salary of $83,660 annually in 2020, while capital market analysts earn an average of $87,913 per year. In the UK, the average basic salary for a financial analyst is £44,530 per year. In Germany, the average starting salary was €55,260 in March 2021. All this before considering the administration and costs associated with paying a team based in several different countries.

Establishing the consistency needed to build your brand identity when working with an often disconnected team is extremely difficult. This has been made even more difficult by a rapidly changing set of regulations across regions, sectors and business units. This can have an impact on the quality of the reports.

  • No time for creating high-value content

Creating online reports and content is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. When your employees are engaged in this area, they have little time to generate additional strategic value for your business. It’s also difficult for employees to keep up with ever-changing business opportunities. The setup may no longer be valid by the time an analyst has identified, written up and published a trading opportunity.

The case of automation.

Today, analysts and compliance teams have a tremendous opportunity to leverage intelligent technologies to automate repetitive, data-driven tasks. For example, content creation can be made scalable, unique, and cost-effective through sophisticated AI coupled with NLG (Natural Language Generation).

Automating the production and distribution of your content has several benefits, the most important of which is cost reduction. By automating your content production, you don’t need to hire a team of analysts or translators. Other benefits include:

  • Timely distribution: Automated content is instantaneous, delivering content while configurations are still fresh.
  • Improves accuracy: Using AI-generated content eliminates much of the risk of manual errors in reporting, ensuring high quality.
  • Increases efficiency: With automated creation comes automated distribution. This means round-the-clock market coverage, delivering content to your traders based on their time zone, effectively increasing engagement.
  • Allows analysts: Analysts have time to focus on more critical areas and drive more value for your customers.
  • Automatic translation: Not only do brokers save on production, but translation can also be automated, allowing brokers to speak their trader’s language.

However, human written content includes nuance and creativity that AI struggles to achieve. Thus, a collaboration between the human and the written AI could be the best solution. Unfortunately, advanced AI is also difficult to develop, and automated translations are still not at a level that can reflect the nuance of technical language.

The best of both worlds

The Autochartist solutionAutochartist gives you the best of both worlds, delivering AI and human written content. We have developed a sophisticated AI system that integrates into your pricing tables to produce unique content for your brokerage. Our content is accurately translated using specialist translators to ensure accuracy while achieving instant generation. We also customize all of our content to match your brand identity and CI. Additionally, our technology creates organization-specific financial market commentary that allows brokers to:

  • Boost SEO efforts to attract organic website traffic
  • Automate the generation and distribution of financial market analysis
  • Ensure content is exclusive to their businesses
  • Ensure the speed and accuracy of content creation and its availability in multiple languages.
  • Allow brokers to access specific multilingual content

Autochartist’s AI-powered content creation, working with experienced analysts for better insight, can replace an entire content writing team while delivering a more cost-effective multi-channel content strategy and supporting content strategy robust multichannel.

Contact the team to learn more about this technology.

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Jenny T. Curlee